The Government of Pakistan and Government of the United States of America recalling the close ties in scientific and technological cooperation which have developed over several decades have gone into an agreement to create an Agricultural Linkages Program (ALP) to reap the mutual benefits of agricultural research through joint research projects and exchange of scientists. The covenant of the Agreement provides that the local currency generated through the sale proceeds of the wheat will be used by Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) to establish the ALP for promoting research cooperation between Pakistan and the USA in the areas of agricultural sciences. The Government of Pakistan allowed PARC to establish an Agricultural Research Endowment Fund (AREF) where all proceeds raised from the sale of US wheat shall be transferred. Fund received will be invested in government’s approved schemes/institutes. The income thus generated shall be used for ALP activities/projects in line with the Pakistan’s long-term research/development goals for the agriculture sector. The goals focus on food security, poverty alleviation and promoting broad based equitable and sustainable agriculture. The Fund provides for all the operational research and development expenditure including supplies and material and local travel for the research personnel to be deployed under the projects. Non-recurring expenditure on items of non-expendable equipment, capital goods, structures and transport facilities having anticipated usefulness beyond fixed duration of each project will be purchased sparingly.