MANAGEMENT SYSTEM A management system will establish the ALP Fund's Programme and Priorities and its financial and managerial policies. Board of Directors shall be the governing body of ALP Fund and shall be responsible for the Fund's programme and its financial and managerial policies. The Board shall consist of:

Board of Directors (BOD)

Chairman PARC Chairman
Provincial Addl Chief Secretaries Member
Senior Chief (Agri and Food Sec) P&D Division Member
Agricultural Development Commissioner, MNFS&R Member
All Members PARC Member
Representations of Stackholders Member
Director Planning, PARC Member/Secretary

 Terms of Reference (TOR) of BOD · adopt bylaws, rules, and procedures for the conduct of its activities;

· Establish the organizational frame-work of the Fund

.Appoint Technical Experts and Reviewers and Technical Advisors for review and evaluation of the proposals.

.Accept contributions of property , funds, and services and exercise and delegate any other powers of the Fund not otherwise specifically assigned by this document.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

Chairman PARC Chairman
All Members PARC Member
Provincial DG Research Member
Eminent Scientists Member
Director Planning Member / Secretary