MONITORING AND EVALUATION monitoring, review, and evaluation of the projects will be organized by the Planning Directorate, PARC; and annual review of ALP will be carried out by BOD.

REPORTING AND DISSEMINATION OF RESEARCH RESULTS the Executive Director will make sure that the Incharge of ALP project will submit financial and technical progress reports timely and regularly to PARC on the prescribed proformae; on termination of the project, final financial report and completion report are to be submitted for evaluation and settlement of accounts with ALP Sectt., PARC; the project incharge will submit any additional information required by the ALP Secretariat; and the projects findings are to be disseminated to all the stake- holders and public & private institutions.

RECRUITMENT IN THE PROJECT As a general policy, ALP does not provide for recruitment of regular staff. ALP assumes that the host institutes have sufficient trained human resources and with some essential operational/financial support, the institute will successfully run the project. However, under specific and unavoidable situations, restricted contract appointments shall be allowed as per prevalent govt. policy.

FINANCIAL AND ACCOUNTING SYSTEM The PARC financial, accounting and auditing system will be adopted for the implementation of ALP.

HONORARIUM An honorarium equal to one month's salary will be given to the incharge of the project per year. Honorarium to other officers/project staff associated with ALP will be admissible with the approval of BOD. .