1. Animal Health
  1. One health - role of livestock in public health risk analysis, surveillance, prevention and control strategies including Farmer Field Schools (FFS) for animal handlers
  2. Referral diagnostics and strategic surveillance for livestock and avian diseases
  3. National repository of different livestock & avian circulating pathogens and mitigation of trans-boundary animal diseases


  1. Animal Production
  1. Research on the productivity enhancement of small and large ruminants including extinct livestock indigenous breeds
  2. Improvement of production performance of backyard poultry
  3. Development of feedlot fattening model to enhance quality meat/beef production with efficient enhancement of forage/ fodder supply


  1. Animal Biotechnology:
  1. Genomics of native animal gear toward identifying high producing genetic markers
  2. Develop and improve vaccines and other prophylactic measures through biotechnology
  3. Molecular epidemiology of animal diseases


  1. Aquaculture and Fisheries
  1. Culture of high value fish (Tilapia, Cat Fish, Sea Bream etc) including seed development, disease diagnostic, prevention and control strategies
  2. Improvement in cold water aquaculture including feeding technologies for higher fish production
  3. Strengthening of Shrimp Culture in Pakistan (especially seed development)


  1. Agricultural production, diversification, resource conservation climate change and food security
  2. Agricultural value chains, marketing, international trade, food and nutritional security, policy analysis
  3. Livelihood strategies, poverty, rural transformation and gender role in agriculture