Social Sciences

  1. Agriculture production and resource conservation.
  2. Agricultural transformations and diversification.
  3. Agricultural marketing and value chains.
  4. Globalization and trade.
  5. Food and nutritional security.
  6. Agricultural livelihoods and rural poverty.
  7. Agricultural policy analysis.
  8. Climate change adaptation, risk and uncertainty.
  9. Smallholder agriculture.
  10. Gender mainstreaming in agriculture.
  11. Technology transfer and impact assessment.
  12. Indigenous knowledge management, sharing and capacity building.


Agricultural Engineering

  1. Development and indigenization of energy efficient farm mechanization technologies for land preparation, sowing, planting, transplanting of vegetables, sugarcane harvesting and stripping, rice transplanting etc.
  2. Controlled environment animal housing and waste management facilities.
  3. Development of variable rate planters/ drills and fertilizer applicators.
  4. Development of safety gadgets in farm machines.
  5. Equipment for placement of phosphoric and nitrogenous fertilizers.
  6. Technologies for Post Harvest Processing (primary and secondary) and storage of agricultural and horticultural produce. 
  7. Renewable energy technologies for agriculture and rural development.
  8. Precision agriculture technologies, robotics and e-agriculture.